Welcome to Doctor Who Timelines, a Fan Page Written by Dot Conley!

This website is not the first of its kind. Many before me have attempted to catalog each and every story set in the Doctor Who universe as one coherent timeline. This is my own personal take on the issue of finding coherence in the glorious mess that is Doctor Who. Don't take anything I say here as definitively 'canon' - it's just a collection of my (occasionally uninformed) opinions. Beware of spoilers.

View the Whoniverse timeline, an inconsistently comprehensive guide spanning everything from Event One to the City of the Saved

View the timeline of the Doctor's life, starting with the Morbius Doctors (and Other dubiously truthful origin stories) and ending with The Relic, who may or may not have died during the War in Heaven

This portion of the website was written entirely by Dorothy Conley, with some input from her friend Sean. Dorothy owns no part of the Doctor Who franchise (yet!). All rights to the Doctor Who-related content on this site go to the franchise's owners, who are too numerous to list here.